INSANE letterpress poster

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Oh my... I wish one day I can get an old letterpress in my basement and have some serious fun.


E. Scrooge's picture

Looks brilliant, I would buy it but £80 is a little bit to expensive for me.

Si_Daniels's picture

...and if you can decode it the exact location of the hidden Mormon gold will be revealed. ;-)

pauled's picture

that's just sick!

blank's picture

What I don’t understand is how he managed to cram an A into the M like that. Was he actually cutting up sorts to fit them together?

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You can view images of the making Here

Looks like a poly plate.

fi's picture

<---- droolin'

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Scrooge: found it for 75$, on the link you provided. I might get it. I want it. Hear me Santa?


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