Happy Holidaze Typophile!

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bonus points for naming the font.

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Yes! Change! And Hope!

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It is PattyFabulius! I love it!


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Happy Holidays everybody.

Really Fab, Patty.


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Yes, Archer! That was my holiday present to myself this year.

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Yes, Archer! That was my holiday present to myself this year.

That’s exactly what I thought. :-)

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<3 Archer! What an awesome self-present. (-: Enjoy it, and have great holidays!

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I went for the basic set, open type. I'd have loved to go for the full set but figured all those different weights of thin would be less useful for what I do and it was really a lot of money.

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Oh, this is great. I hope your holidays are fabulous.


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Great! I declared holiday 20 minutes ago myself, had lunch and rushed to see the holidays wishes on typophile (to get me in the mood!).
Love it! Have a great one everybody.

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I asked Patty if it would be okay to post the card I made on this thread and she said, "Sure, why not!"

This one partly a continuation of what I started back in 2006 and part-inspired by Patty's card. It's rather weak but there you go, I put something together in the spirit of the season.

Best wishes to all typophiles and thanks for putting up with me and my oddball ways, and for having patience with my anti-ad hominem agenda (for everyone's benefit).

j a m e s

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