Haas Unica

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I was wondering if the typophile and general type and design community could petition to have the type face/family of Haas Unica to be commercially available again?

It is such a wonderful san serif face and it is truly a shame that the type and design community cannot use this face.

Regards, Sal

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Isn't the real question who owns the IP of Haas?

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Linotype claims ownership, so that's where the petition should be directed. I'll sign.

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I thought Scangraphic also claimed it. Has that been definitively resolved?

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I will also include it in my forthcoming book about forgotten typefaces. if you have any documents about it, they will be very much welcome.


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David - Corey Holms wrote an article for Grafik two years ago. It's published in this thread along with a lot of other Unica and Gurtler info.

And here are some pics I took of Unica in use at the Olympic Stadium in Berlin.

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Let's leave it as dimly-glimpsed Grail-like myth -- in reality, like all sequels, it would be a let down.
Helserif, anyone?

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