Design Standards (Sizes, Formats, Colors, etc)

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Hola todo!

I was just wondering if someone knows a web or print resources that lists most major Design "Standards", if such a resource can even be created.

Just something listing things like... known paper-print sizes, abbreviations for such things, color standards (i.e. understanding when to use RGB, CMYK, Pantone...), and things of this nature.


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I find this book VERY helpful for print. I'm sure there are equivalents for web design.

Most of the info can be found on the web - I've looked stuff up in an ad hoc kind of way but I don't know specifically of a single resource that has all this info in the same place.

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There is also a book called "Forms, Folds, and Sizes" available.


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VERY interesting.

I think I'm gonna go snoop around.


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