some mobile Wallpapers for Christmas i did, please critique

yaliars's picture

here are some of my works

these are special for christmas

please tell me what you think

rate them if you can

Here are the links:

thank you all very much, i appreciate your help.

merry x-mas

gerald's picture

awesome! i've been waiting for these!!!!!!

DrDoc's picture

That site is a nightmare to navigate.

apankrat's picture

> That site is a nightmare to navigate.

Absolutely. Closed the browser window in 5 seconds after hitting the URL and will never come back.

Lex Kominek's picture

Where's the type?

- Lex

gerald's picture

i don't know about you guys but i rated them all a 10 !!!

DrDoc's picture

Maybe I would rate them a 10, if I could see where anything is on that site.

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