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Hi everyone,
Im busy creating an identity for my own graphic business.
I'd be very grateful if anyone had any opinions on what I've come up with so far.
Many thanks

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They all look like arses, like a person sitting on a toilet viewed from inside the toilet bowl looking up at the anus. No really, I'm not trying to be funny. They really do look like that. Also, the C and B in the mark don't stand out strongly as those letters. Many peeple will look at it and not see any letters at all.

Advise trying some other ideas, visual motifs that symbolize the psychological predicament named "creative block".

Also advise not using the spelling "bloc" as many people will associate that word with Eastern Bloc european countries and communism. Unlsee you want that association. Up to you.

Would you consider using another name altogether for your creative agency?

j a m e s

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I was slightly worried about it looking like that myself, but thought it might have just been me.

I do like the idea of something to symbolize the psychological "creative block"
Its just getting it into a good visual.
I tried some things like doodle motifs, but havnt got anything from that really.
If you have any ideas, or anything that springs to mind, let me know!

I've been thinking about the name alot,too much maybe! im at the point where i really just want to get something out there.
I quite like the name, i think it could work.

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hmmm, little buttcheeks and the word 'block(age)' Creative Constipation?

Maybe it is a good metaphor for the words afterall!

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I'm surprised Chris hasn't come in and said it's a cheeky design.

I think the name is good. Perhaps you could go with something along the lines of blocks of wood. (A block with several Cs or something along those lines.)

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I’m surprised Chris hasn’t come in and said it’s a cheeky design.

Maybe he's too backed up with other things.

@toby: I hope you appreciate the irony of your situation ;-)

- Lex

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Oh its ok, i do lex! :-)

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They all look like arses, like a person sitting on a toilet viewed from inside the toilet bowl looking up at the anus.

exactly what i immediately thought

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Here's a thought...

Just a 3-minute sketch, needs detailing but you get the idea.

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Funny how the original post is similar to this new work by Pentagram:

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Yes, that's interesting. Maybe they scan the forums here for inspiration :)

I noticed the 'crotch' of their 'c' is a bit thicker though, which helps dispel the 'butt on toilet' connotations.


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Pentagram = delicious.

Paul Ducco
Graphic Design Melbourne
Short Film Festival

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Thanks, for the recent comments everyone,
That Pentagram thing is interesting too, i hadn't seen that.

I made a couple of alterations, what you reckon to these?
less ’butt on toilet’ connotations?

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also, something a bit different,

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I like the new direction of the more blocky c/b combination here. I would suggest making the "c" more of a cube instead of a rectangular prism. Also, I'm not sure I like the extra stroke around everything — it makes it seem more like university/college lettering.


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By using the term 'bloc' I think you really need to go towards a Russian Constructivist aesthetic to pull it off. Plus, hey, it'd be fun.

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The newer direction is great.

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Yeah, the post by 'plasmator' inspired the Constructivist style 'C'.
Or thats what I was aiming for anyway.
The blocky style of it seems to fit everything together well.

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Ha, that's funny, the new version immediately made me think of an university.

As for the original style, it seems like it's sort of contradiction to use such a rounded C when you're trying to say it's a bloc. Why not just take the Lego approach and make a C out of blocks, with minuet spacing between each block?

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new version = much better

Paul Ducco
Graphic Design Melbourne
Short Film Festival

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