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G-Type have finally updated the best selling Houschka family and released the mighty Houschka Pro which, like its Rounded sister family, comes complete with CE & Cyrillic language support plus a host of alternates and typographic extras making it an extremely versatile family. Houschka Pro is a complete overhaul of the Houschka family, originally from 1999. 7 fonts in one single font x 6 weights! from Thin to Extra Bold.

In a quirk of fate, this week sees the opening of Jim Carrey’s latest blockbuster, The Yes Man, featuring Houschka very prominently in the promo posters and website.

The Houschka Pro 5-spread pdf (attached) is a guide to show how characters change with different features, sets etc.

Houschka Pro is Postscript flavoured OpenType with the following features:
Regular style set with 3 extra style sets
Lining numbers
Old-style numbers (both are tabular and proportional)
Small Caps
Ligatures - ffi fi ffj ffl ff fj fl
Discretionary ligatures - ct fb fh fk ft sp st
Contextual alternates - A, W, w, also in small caps
Stylistic alternates - replacement infant a’s.

All features work with each extra style set.

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Available to purchase now from Fontworks:

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Houschka Pro is very solidly drawn and feature-laden, and possesses the one quality every text-going sans serif face really needs, contemporary distinctiveness. From one stylist to another --- congrats Nick.

Houschka Pro is a top grade font production.

Houschka Pro is currently charting well on the Myfonts Starlets chart.

j a m e s

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Fulsome praise indeed James! Thank you very much. I have checked out your work - some good stuff there. I read with interest your medical problems; that sounds really terrible. Strange to think that you were so incredibly unlucky and also extremely lucky (to survive) at the same time. I am glad you can still carry on doing the work that you love.

I checked out MyFonts also. Houschka is #1 today on the 'Hot new fonts' section! (and quite a lot of my other stuff is also in there) Wow. But it is just the 'normal' Houschka that I did in 1999 - so, not that new really. It was one of the first families I produced, so is not a patch on the new improved 'Pro' family.

Nick Cooke

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Nick, I'm just glad I'm alive and try to make the most of every day and every situation no matter what the circumstances. That makes me more flexible when it comes to peeple, and more determined to get more of my fonts finished.

Congrats on Houschka reaching #1 on (what used to be named) the Starlets chart. I knew it would, and I guess it will migrate to the best sellers chart soon. If you can just get the Pro version into that position.

j a m e s

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