Sexual Assault postcard

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I'm designing a postcard for a benefit play for a sexual assault support center and I'm looking for some typographical advice.

The postcard has a large watercolor flower (a lily, I think) and is going to have either a black or PMS 689 (kinda purple) background.

I'm looking for a font that's (obviously) strong and feminine at the same time. The text is going to be knocked out of the background, so it can't be ultra-thin.

I was thinking that Curlz is really nice.

Just kidding.

Centaur Swash looks pretty good, but I'm not really excited about the serif coming off the top of the "P", and Jennifer isn't bad, but it might be a little too curly and Jennifer Light is too light. Lorrenne? Help?

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What about Filosofia Italic
or Novarese Medium Italic.

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Strong and feminine?
Maybe Adobe Nueva. Or something Dutch.


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The client ended up choosing Centaur, though I did like the Novarese.
Just thought you might like to know where it went.

Thanks for your input, guys.

Girls, where were you on this one?

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May I suggest handwriting in a good legible hand? Reinforce the deeply personal aspect.

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>Girls, where were you on this one?

The title of this thread may have been offputting.
If you don't get a good response to a thread, you can always try again a few days later (time of the week can have an effect too) with a different title.

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