Suitcase X1 bug?

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bug screenshot

This buggy preview occasionally happens when I switch to Quicktype

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I've had this happen to me as well. I have been able to reset the size of the previews by switching from QuickType to waterfall and then quitting SuitCase. After reopening SuitCase and switching back to QuickType seems to fix it. Buggy software... feh.

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I had the same problem. Thinking it might be Suitcase, I downloaded FontAgent, which is written in Cocoa (the native OSX language) and not simply ported over from OS9. Same problem, although the disappearing previews happened at less-random intervals. It seems this is a problem with Panther (OS 10.3)--the font cache is easily corrupted and so you don't get previews. I've yet to try FontReserve or that old warhorse Master Juggler, but Suitcase and FontAgent outrageously advertise themselves as Panther-compatible, which they are obviously not. I'm pretty steaming mad because I've waited a long time to jump from OS 9 to 10, waiting for all the pieces to be in place, so I could avoid this kind of thing, and what do I get? The second-most valuable font-utility feature is practically unuseable. (I do A LOT of poster design and really need to be able to scroll through hundreds of fonts looking for just the right one.) There's an elaborate workaround at:


but if you scroll through a lot of fonts like I do, you'll be going through the procedures dozens of times a day. I'm surprised I haven't heard more of an outcry from the design community. If there is anyone out there with a better solution or a different utility that works, ket me know. (ps

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