HELP! What are frames called on inner cover of old books?

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I was just wondering if anyone knows what this is called - a frame such as a baroque or rococo frame found on inner covers of old books which encloses the title - a frame around the title. Does anyone know what the technical word for these pesky things is as I'd like to find some examples on the internet. Many thanks.

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Also look up "Printers Ornaments," as that is what constituted many of these types of frames.

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W.A. Dwiggins called them "border designs" or just "borders" in a 1927 essay on the structure of the book (quoted by Ruari McLean in The Thames and Hudson Manual of Typography -- page 149 in my edition).

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Hey! Yipee! That is the name 'ornament'. Many thanks for your replies I will take a look.

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Wow Gus, love the links. Beautiful maximilianus.

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