Latest FONT you bought?

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Name the last font you bought and place in here some of the uses you gave it.

I've just bought the HTF Requiem and I'm using it on the new CD layout I'm doing for this band called MOONSPELL. Check the promo label.

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That's a nice looking don't have a link to the home page handy, do you?

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Nevermind, found it myself.

God I love Google.

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i have never bought a typeface in my life, and guess it

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Tetterode/Amsterdam foundry Pascal, in 30 and 60 point.
I've only made some "boring" specimens so far, and I currently have neither commercial nor artistic plans for it.


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This is a small ad I did, set on Thirstype's Apex Sans, congratulating one of our clients on the 20th anniversary
of their company. The pluses refer to the "+hp" campaign, for which we did some design on the commercials.

xx ad

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Most recent purchase... Storm Type Foundry's "Czech Type Library".

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Last face purchased: FB Rocket by Leslie Cabarga.

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Wow, Tiffany, that's a great buy!

(I'm not ashamed to say that the lowercase a in Regent makes me swoon.)

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Um...generally even if you don't make it a habit of pirating software and such, it's not really a good idea to advertise the fact.

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> "It

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Serapion II. May use it for promo for a puppet version if The Tempest.

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I meant of not if.

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Dalliance family and Eidetic Neo family from Emigre for a client's wedding invitations. Eidetic Neo for the type, Dalliance for the flourishes (of course I could have easily done the flourishes myself in Illustrator, but I've been looking for an excuse to buy Dalliance-- even though I doubt it will ever find its way into any of my work again.)

It's a little disturbing to hear that some simply assume that none actually pay for software or fonts. Really gets me excited at the prospect of releasing typefaces I make. *shakes head*

Oh, and Tiffany: wonderful choice with the Czech Type Library. I'm very tempted to pick that up myself!

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I'd be very interested to see how Eidetic Neo turned
out for a wedding invitation! I haven't had the
opportunity to experiment on the few that I've done
(it wasn't even allowed on my own!).

in regards to Storm's type, who isn't tempted!?

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last font i bought was Ultramagnetic

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I think my most recent purchase is Circa from

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Mark Simonson's Mostra
Storm's Negro

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eric olson's fig (script)


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I think someone here referenced Jeremy Tankard's Alchemy and damn if I couldn't resist it.

Here's a sample:


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omg, i love "Alchemy" so much, it's just unbelievable. If only I had more money to buy this great font :-(

best regards

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The great Giacomo OTF from

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The last set of fonts I purchased was the entire Vasava typeface collection. Lots of geometric stencily display wonderfulness, &t. I'm still waiting for the right job to come through the door in order to baptize them properly.

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My last bought & used font was the "Annonce Grotesque" from Ludlow through Myfonts. I was really looking for the Venus Extrabold Extended but it was impossible to find then (I didn

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the last font was "dolly" from the Underware guys, i use it in a bookproject.

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Section from Thirstype. Still waiting for it, though :-) . . .

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ITC Bodoni 72 Swash and Peter Bruhn's delicious Imbiss Package.
Here they are on a birthday website for my lady friend...

12 days of jamie

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Those work really well together Stephen. (Hopefully it
bodes well for you and Jamie =)

(Don't you love how you can finish a parenthetical
statement with an emoticon? I do =)

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