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I am working on a student project and I'm looking to get that cramped up credit font at the bottom of movie posters. I.e. have a look at:

the font displaying the "20th century fox, written & direct by" etc. Anyone know how to do that?

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Spot if these are good for you.
T-26 "Chasline"
TypeArt Foundry "Silverscreen"

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'Ohrada', by Frantisek Storm, maybe.?
A very condensed upper case alphabet which can be used to design film posters..

( Said that, you could even just use a very, very condensed version of Univers or similar.. )

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Univers Ultra Condensed Thin maybe?

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Blah, didn't read David Hubner's post close enough.

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I work for an entertainment design agency that does movie posters - typically we use either

(Univers) U39, U49 usually it is vertically stretched as well.



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Wow!!! What happened? Sorry about that everyone.

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I need the same this and like some of the examples but like most indie filmmakers I'm broke. Where can I get something like this for free? My DVD amerey is complete but the text for the bottom credits looks bad. Please help.

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Matt, when you post you will get an error message just hit the back one page button and go to topics and you will see you are the latest post under the topic you posted.

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