How to place a flash file in e-mail

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Hi all

Probably this isn't a topic for typophile but here it goes anyway. It only has to do with type regarding the e-mail content.

Is it possible to place a flash animation directly in a e-mail body, to send for a client?
Can it be done or i will have to create a link for the file?

Thanks in advance

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You can on osx, not with windows.

Basically with a mail, it's better to use 1.0 HTML.
You still have animated gifs.

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I know you can send HTML emails, but they aren't universally supported, and I've never run across an embedded SWF before.

If you included the SWF it would likely show up as an attachment, which you can certainly do just fine. Provided they have flash player they can launch your file without even being online (after they download it of course)

What I personally would do, if it's imperative you display the SWF in the context of a document and not just a standalone file, is to create an HTML page in some dark corner of the internet and then yes, link them to that page (within which you have embedded the SWF)

Hope this helps!

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Thanks for your replys

In fact I was avoiding sending it as an attachment but I've also never saw an embedded swf before. As you said, it is possible to make a html email, but will it work with an embedded swf on it?. Creating a link will request hosting the file somewhere, and I don't wanna go that way.


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You can not embed Flash into an HTML email and have it work reliably everywhere - different email clients have different degrees of support even of HTML/CSS standards and few if any would support the Object/Embed tag needed for Flash.

You can attach the Flash file like a normal document attachment to the email though.

Another alternative would be to use Acrobat 9's new "embed Flash" feature but that still requires the PDF file to be attached like a normal document/attachment to the email.

Finally be aware that different folks have different virus and spam filters that may interpret such emails and attachments as spam/viruses and your email may never reach the intended recipient.

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Please don't embed Flash into email. It's annoying enough when people send html emails. I use Eudora which is very bare bones and doesn't display the bells and whistles accurately, I like it that way. IMHO email should be plain text, with added jpeg or pdf graphics.

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Don't sent attachments in your marketing emails.

Don't assume the multitude of email clients will be able to, or even care that you have flash embedded.

Do put a link near the top of your marketing email along the lines of 'want the pretty bells and whistles version? click here...' which will take you to a web page formatted as you wish.

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ok, I see the plain email with a basic link is the best way to go.

Thanks for your replys

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