twb logotype critique

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This is an idea for a new logotype for a property management company in my area. Right now their identity is almost non-existent (they have their name set in papyrus . . . gag).

For any comments on color, the specific colors aren't so important, it's more the use of it and how it affects the "w" that I'm interested in.

Any comments are welcome though.

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What's the significance of the yellow stripe?

- Lex

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It was meant to give it a little extra character I was worried might be lacking. I was also worried about the center of the 'w' being a bit too heavy, which I thought the strip broke up nicely.


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I personally prefer the ones without the yellow strip. I think the yellow strip does break it up a little but i dont think it fits in with the logo.

I really like the simple ones without the yellow. Is there any way to create a small 'v' nick in between the both parts of the w? I think that might work better by creating a more distinguised w! If that makes sense!?

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I have to agree with smcdow01. I simply don't see the point of the yellow stripe and would prefer the ones in the first column.

I quite like how the curve of the "t" is repeated in the "b". Also, each letter refers to the other quite nicely.

It's a very simple wordmark, but with some colour added it will look quite well I think.

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i definitely prefer the ones without the yellow. the yellow split makes me read tvvb

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