I started shooting the pretty type in one of Gerry Leonidas' books

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Here is a teaser:

Here are the images:


I don't have much so far, but I will be adding to it if possible.

These are probably the closest pictures I have taken. The paper fibers are very apparent.

I can get one large step closer and I will probably try to do that in Jan.


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Very nice Eben, love the "r" and one on Flickr has a great "f"

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You need to get a Google grant to create a new Google books for macro shots.

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Thanks, Eben!


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A nice idea! But first the MATD...

Hmmm I hadn't noticed the image from the other side slightly asserting itself before.

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Very nice, indeed. Can you put larger shots on Flickr? As I get older, I want to zoom in as much as I can. :-)

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Larger shots are on Flickr now. Feel free to go check them out.

Here is an example


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