Wordmark critique for jewelery maker

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Hey everyone! I thank you in advance.

I'm designing a logotype for a local jeweler. His previous identity was old english/blackletter typography of his name 'Mathew'. After a brief with him, we decided to keep some of the style of the logo, in particular, the authoritative/established look and feel that blackletter typography represents to him. (trust me I tried to stray away, however without any success). Another thing he wanted, since he loves old school art & design, is a mixture of what he had with a modern AND retro touch. Quite a hard task.

So what I'm doing is designing custom letters with a hint of blackletter and retro inspiration. Please feel free to rip this up as its the first draft and the first time I try to design letters from scratch with such a broad design range.

Thank you,

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It's almost an ambigram! Perhaps you could tweak it a bit and make it a real one :-)

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Yes, perhaps. However I'm always concerned with readability when it comes to ambigrams. Actually I'm concerned with the letterforms working as they are now...maybe after they are fully completed I can try the ambigram.
It came out this way because I started with the 'a' and designed the other letterforms based on the 'a'. Is this the appropriate way to design letters?


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