Portfolio question: project booklets

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When I was in design school our professors had us design booklets that walk through complex/multi-part projects. The idea was that we could take them to job interviews to show that we can handle the design and application of brands to a variety of materials. I’ve been taking them to interviews, and while they’re always well-received, I think they might be hurting me because people want to grab them, flip through them, pass them around, comment on the design of the booklet, and then compare my work to other interviewees who don’t have the cute little books. This ends up taking up a ton of time and distracts from the work I’m trying to show.

At this point I want to just move the strongest items from these little books into my portfolio. Does that seem like a good way to go? Or do people really just dig those cool little books?

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Wait, you're getting people excited and engaged looking at your work, presented in a way that sets you apart from other people (and it's not even work you're trying to show?) and there's a problem?

It's not April yet, is it?

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The excitement/engagement isn’t much of a problem when I have plenty of time to work with. But sometimes I feel like people get wrapped up in these things, time runs out, and not having seen other stuff, they’re seeing me as a one-trick pony.

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Could you place the fireworks at the end of the show.

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Hmmmm…that would be a good idea.

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The first thing we were taught in my public speaking class way back in the college 101 days was: never pass out handouts until you are done with the presentation. You will inevitably deliver your address to the top of peoples heads. I think it best if you start calling these little gems 'leave behinds'.

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