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Hey guys

First and foremost :
we (at fluonoir) would like to send you all our best seasonal wishes.

I'm in the middle of the design of our business cards and would love to receive your feedback.

Several things have to be said :
everything (1) & (2) is going to be (black) hot foiled stamped on black plike™ paper except for the (fn) sign on the (2) which will be embossed (hope I use the right english terminolgy).

What do you think of the design ?


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Nice logo and great sense of depth with the dark charcoal/black. I favor number 1 as it leaves each side for its own purpose — I get a little overwhelmed by info with number 2.

I'd love to see/feel this final product, especially if it's going to be on plike paper.


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Thank you for your input, penn :)
We're having a bit of a second thought on the plike paper : if yours hands perfectly (and I mean perfectly) clean, your fingers leaves stains on it... And the paper we're gonna use for our business cards is also going to the the box that will contain our "brochure/printed portfolio".
So what do you think ? Are the stains a big issue or does it just leave some kind of "craftwork" feeling ?

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We're also thinking about the Gmund™ 3 Black Square…

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Same kind of feeling than the black Plike™ is also the black Curious Skin™

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Here are the "tests" we did with our lovely printer (hot foil stamping) on black Plike™
(design has nothing to do with us though, it was just some kind of oyster plate he was supposed to "hot foil stamp" for a restaurant)

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I didn't realize the plike paper would stain so easily . . . If it's bad, I'd say go with an alternate that has a similar texture.

Did anyone touch the sample in that picture? It doesn't look too bad there.

The business card being such a small, focused area would probably show the stains off more than a larger piece such as this. In any case, you don't want to appear like a greasy company.


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Bonjour !

We finally ordered the Curious Skin™ in black color (the one that feels like the plike but less stainy…).
I'm finishing the layout today (I got to find out where I'm gonna put our # number)
I'll show you guys the result as soon as we receive the b.cards :)

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Good choice on the curious skin. I think this'll turn out really well.


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nice, post pictures of the finished! Where can I order a few cards for myself?

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Thank you guys for your kind words :)

Here is the version with the phone number, it's been incredibly difficult to "balance".
I think the final result looks pretty cool but YOU tell me !

Here it is :

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At my point of view I think the problem you have to balance those information come from the use of the Osf and probably also from the use of too much typeface.

(À mon point de vue le problème d'équilibre vient de l'utilisation des chiffres elzévirs et aussi qu'il y a trop de typo dans cette carte et aussi le choix que vous avez fait)

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Yes, I agree that there are too many different fonts here. I'd also worry about legibility with the phone number - keep in mind that small size and low contrast are already working against legibility. I can foresee the 8 being mistaken for a 6.

I bet this will look very sharp when printed.

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Thank you for your input André.
I'm looking into this, right now, trying to figure out, where to put our phone number and which typeface to use.
Problem is I designed this b.card without the [damn] phone number [see 1st post] and was ok not to have it displayed but my associate insisted on having it.
So right now I'm trying this, do you think it works ? I have to deliver the pdf. to the "gravure" guys [for the hot foil stamping] this afternoon. Grrr.

It's driving me nuts.

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Ok, last one : the one actually going to the "gravure"…

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this is the lasssst version [and I definitely hate phone numbers] :

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Hey drduckling,

Nice work, I think I final version looks great.

I am playing with similar colours for my own business card.

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We finally ordered the Curious Skin™ in black color

Did you go with 270 or 380 gsm ? Just .. erm .. curious :)

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Nice! Where can i get a card for my collection?

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Me too. Do you mind sending me two cards for my "visual design book"?

Wynne Hunkler
Wynnefields Creative
Visual Communications

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Hey guys,

Thank you for the lovely comments.
We're really happy about them so far.
Our clients and business partners love them too, we've only had compliments so far.
A couple of sceptics "black on black, can I read it ?" but Hey, you got step up for your convictions.
Our creative agency name is fluonoir (meaning fluoresecent black in French) so, well, deal with it.
The business card is clearly a strong statement on our side.
I'll post pictures of them later on this weekend.

@eatingcrayons :
we used the 380 gr. because hot foil stamping on both sides on the 270 gr. would have leave marks on the other side :)

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Judging by everyone clamoring to get a hold of some of these, you could probably start selling em in your gift shop . . . if you had a gift shop.

Send me a couple too :)


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So I ordered and just received samples of both Plike and Curious Skin. And my first impressions are the exact opposite of drduckling's.

Skin feels and looks pretty much like a high quality (matte) cotton paper.

Plike though is absolutely amazing. It has a texture of a "wet silk" textile or .. uhm .. a very fine chamois. It is also extremely matte. For example, the burgundy sample showed no visible highlights whatsoever when I looked at it from every angle against a light that was 2 feet away. It was really quite something.

Also, for what it's worth I didn't manage to leave any fingerprints on Plike even though I was sweating with excitement :-) Skin though managed to accumulate few dozens of white speckles by merely being pulled out of the envelope.

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@epsilicon :
I LOVE Plike, it's an amazing paper !
But we're just not so happy about the fact that you could see stains while manipulating it... And you really could...
Here is how it looks with the Curious Skin : (I'll try to take more pictures later).
Cheers y'all ;)

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look spretty delicious. but yeah I've always disliked the fingerprint leave-behind.


Paul Ducco
Graphic Designer
Short Film Festival

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nice! now i really really want my own business cards.

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