Avenir is the New Helvetica

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I'm getting really bored of the overuse of Avenir. In an effort to not use Helvetica, people have been trying to show how Type-smart they are and use the superbly designed geometric Avenir instead of Helvetica. And now it's overused.

Like the good song thats played over and over and over on the radio until you hate it. Poor Avenir. I did love you.

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Try Myriad, no one uses that.

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Maybe it's that we're seeing a lot of both Gotham and Avenir, and since their lower cases are fairly similar at first glance it seems like we're seeing more of both of them than we really are.

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I've been seeing Gotham everywhere, but I haven't seen Avenir much myself. Helvetica, on the other hand, is still king of over-exposure.

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2009 will be the year of Avenir, Gill Sans, and anything else that can kind of pass for Gotham when the budget isn’t big enough for Gotham. There is no escape from the Obama look!

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It just might be!

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I am really tired of seeing Avenir. But I am not that tired of seeing Myriad.

Gotham is very rarely used in a way that looks pleasant to me... I like the way it looks in Good Food Magazine and that’s probably it.

PTL Speech looks like a nice alternative to Avenir.

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Avenir is an excellent font and so is Myriad, however I prefer most if not all of Adrian Frutiger fonts.
I see allot of Helvetica usage these day's, it's so overused. However it remains as one of the top fonts no matter how much it's been used. Gotham is also great, however it is not as over used as the fonts mentioned above.


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