My logo for a college task

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My task was, to design a logo for myself. Gepember means "machine man" in hungarian.
What do you think about it? Constructive criticism wanted :)

Logo is HERE

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I really like all the block letters apart from B and R but don't think the small sans looks right with them.

Is it meant to look early 20th Century, e.g. Constructivism, or is it late 1970s vintage computer lettering? "Man Machine" instantly makes me think of the Kraftwerk album. Are you doing something music-related? If so I imagine it would be electronic with that name, yet the green shape reminds me of the centre-hole adaptors for old 7" 45s. Something I'd associate with older styles of music.

I need to know more about what you do to give more help.

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It'1s for my personal portfolio, Gepember is my nickname, thanks for the comment

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