A Nice, Long Break

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For the sake of any other poor sucker who has ever had or will have a question about the Unicode Standard, I provide an update to two previous threads I posted on the subject ('Life Outside Unicode': http://www.typophile.com/forums/messages/4101/37852.html?1087199228 , 'Speaking of Unicode': http://www.typophile.com/forums/messages/4101/38248.html?1087165105 ). I know many of you know the system inside and out, but I'm convinced there may be someone out there who will be at least as lost and confused as I was. So...

After pulling my hair out, learning hex-counting, how to write a codepage for FontLab, how to write an encoding file for FontLab, how to alter the "uranges.dat" file in FontLab, and generally learning more about the broad AND fine points of Unicode than I ever wanted (or at least ever thought I needed to know), I discovered that I'm using an older (and free of any updates whatsoever) version of MS Word.

You can't do this.

No one told me this specifically, but after trying everything I could think of (and I mean that--no less than one hundred experiments were performed), it's the most logical conclusion to come to.

So update the programs you can update; read the FontLab/TypeTool, and Unicode manuals; eat healthy and drink eight glasses of water daily. And if you feel that you must alter existing or write entirely new data files, for God's sake make sure you actually need to!

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Thanks Scott, your previous 2 threads have helped me in my quest to discover the proof for the Unicodes Fields Theory :-)

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