Günter Gerhard Lange 1921-2008

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It seems that nobody has mentioned yet here at Typophile that he died on December 2nd.

I never understood why he squandered away his fame by affiliating with Harvey and Melissa Hunt for a few dimes. That's why I refrain from composing an obituary.

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I thought about copying the ATypI post over but specifically avoided doing so because I was afraid that the Hunts would become the topic of conversation. Lets try to keep that from happening.

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τὸν τɛθνηκότα μή κακολογɛῖν

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I had no idea, so thank you for posting this. I am saddened by this. I have always adored Solemnis and respected him as a result of his close counsel with Fritz Poppl. What a team they made! The Hunts never figured into (or detracted from) my respect for Herr Lange.


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> ṯὸν ṯɛθνηκόṯα μή κακολογɛῖν

That's why I refrained from doing so.

(And I should also refrain from quoting accented Greek)

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ZOW-EEE! I'd never heard of the Hunt pair before, but after reading up on them a little I got the impression they are/were not on many Christmas card lists ... because if they were, they'd probably sue you for the word "Christmas" being too close to the name of the typeface "Nordling."

What I couldn't ascertain, however, is whether these two have a long history in this industry or just business people who stumbled on what they saw as a potential gold mine. I read something about one of them being a member of Atypi, but am not sure if that group would approve membership for my goldfish as quickly as they would someone who made a fortune on a typeface they named "Goldfish."

Whatever the case, I also got the impression the Hunts were the proverbial 1600 pound gorillas in the room since to speak of them seems to be on the taboo side here. Maybe I'll get lucky and one of them will threaten to sue me for some screwball indiscretion. Perhaps I'd even read about it in the DAILY NEWS, or maybe even the Visalia Times-DELTA in Visalia, California . . . you know, that place where a few decades ago the town big-wigs decided to prosecute a girl named CHRISTIANA for loitering naked in CITY Hall and telling everyone she was waiting for the CONCORDE to take her to see Pele at a New York COSMOS game? (think they heard me?)

As for Mr. Lange, I always thought he was so distinguished looking, his image alone was better than any logo could have been. He just looked like the kind of person from whom nothing but outstanding work flowed. It's disappointing to hear that image seems to have been tarnished in recent years.

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Uh oh, I just noticed James Puckett's post in which he implores us to avoid injecting the Hunts into this thread. Sorry about that - I'm just interested in the history of it and want to know more. Is there somewhere other than Luc's site I could find such information?

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