Lost my opentype Ligs in FontLab

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I have only been using FontLab 4.6 for a couple of months and am no expert with it. I had been working on a font and with my first few test versions of it, ligaitures worked fine and as expected. My last few versions, the Ligs don't come through in text. When using InD, the glyph pallette works but any automatic use will not work. I have checked and rechecked all preferences and dialogues in both FontLab and InD and can't figure out what is different and or wrong. I am sure it is "user error" and any help would be appreciated. I am pretty sure it is a setting in FontLab that I have screwed up because when I change to a commercial opentype font using the same text, the Ligs work properly.



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this looks like a case for the FontLab support:


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Thanks Adam. I posted my question at FontLab.

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