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*Updated layout:

I am creating a new website and I can't seem to find a navigation style I like. The client wants the navigation to have more pop but i keep coming up with templated, web 2.0 looking navs. The other problem is that i will need to have a drop down menu for many of the main links and can't decide how i want to format this either.

I have attached a couple of try's. Any ideas would be great.


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[something happened to my first comment and it got deleted, this is it for the record]


Could you settle on a sans serif, especially since you seem to be using both faces in the same style (caps)?

I like the implicit boxes with shadows on 1, more than your stroked. If you go with the implicit ones, you'll want to use that style throughout.

Pattern isn't really working in 3, I'm okay with it in 2. As far as navigation, what do you have in mind for rollovers? The gray nav in 1 and 3 surely lack pop, could you use some green, that gets darker on rollover, or an underline or something?

Smaller stuff that catches my eye.. Don't need "Address", Black pull quote seems out of place, but I don't know what you could do with it. Lastly the logo has a lot of head room, almost awkwardly so.


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lol @ all of my typefaces. Somewhere during design i switched and focused on other aspects.

Good idea about the boxes & I agree with you about the pattern. The problem with rollovers is that i despise them.

Thanks for your ideas. Here is the updated layout:

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Looks a lot better, but now you're mixing serif and sans in your navigation. Your aversion to rollovers is funny, because the client said he/she wanted the navigation to pop, which is something rollovers help accomplish. Also, rollovers can be very subtle, you don't have to change the color of the entire block.

I'm also not in love with the way the blue in the forms box is coming up against the green background, you may take the opacity back on that blue or something.


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Weird that your first comment disappeared! I updated the layout to remove the blue background and fixed the sans. The right side doesn't pop as much without the blue but the blue did feel out of place. Thanks again for your ideas.

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I prefer the header and nav in 101b, with the drop down menu keeping the same shading and appearance. I think it would look much cleaner with a sans-serif in the nav and throughout the site though. The right hand column in 101e looks more focused and organized than in the other designs.

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@ DyanneNova: I think you are right about the top nav. Here is the update:

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