Suggestions for "Too Many Gods" logotype

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I am having some trouble working on this logotype for a rock band:

The original sketch at the top was provided by one of the band members. I feel like I'm not doing it justice and would like some ideas on how to improve what I have so far.


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i like the Top Go ligature better. maybe you could incorporate some of the hand-drawn serifs like on the top bar of the T, the descener of the y, the top of the G and the ascender of the d, and in the z. but maybe you're going for super streamlined, i dunno. i just think the serifs give it a bit more edge, but maybe this isn't a real edgy band. maybe you can give us more insight on what they're all about, what kinda feel they're going for.

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You know, I didn't interpret the subtle lines in the sketch as serifs until you pointed that out! To me it looks like misaligned connections (like when you're drawing and the lines don't quite meet up all the way), but I think you're right that it will look better to include some serifs.

They do want an edgy look. They are mainly a cover band, with a VERY strong emphasis on rock (70's to current).

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I feel like the angles of each stroke need consistancy. However that could be a good thing or a bad thing. IMPO consistant letterforms and angles tends to make a logotype more concrete.

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I agree with Paul about the serifs - it gives the design more character. Also the original has more contrast between the thick and thin strokes (ie: the underline and the top of the s). The newer versions lose that contrast and feel monotone. The connection between the G and o on the middle sketch causes me to read Too Many Grods.

Personally, I'm not getting an "edgy" feel from this. Don't interprut that to mean I don't like it, because I do. It's just it makes me think more of the chrome lettering off a 50's Ford Fairlane or someting rather than a rock-n-roll band. And it may just be a matter of semantics, but when I hear the word "edgy" in relation to music I think more of punk or grunge. From your loose description I sense they cover more of Led Zep and the like. Is that correct? Obviously since one of the band members drew the initial sketch it is something they like and you should continue on that path. However, just as an additional option, you may want to look at the logos of the bands they cover the most it may give you additional inspiration as to how to better relate the music they perform with their logo.

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Thanks everyone. Here are some very slightly revised versions:

I wonder if my changes are too subtle?

Kirsten, I am persuing other options as well as this one. I agree that it might not be the best solution for their needs, but felt I should include a solid version of it since they obviously liked it. I might post the other concepts I have as I continue to refine them.

Thanks again for all the help!

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I wonder if my changes are too subtle?

i would say so, make those serifs a bit more pronounced.
Looking at it again (in light of Kirsten's comments) I don't think the Go lig is a good choice, it cold be confusing.

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Fixed some things... do the serifs "pop" more now? I think "Gods" is a bit easier to read as well.

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i like em larger. a few more suggestions: keep the "serif" on the G flat like on the T, the curve just doesn't do it for me. maybe angle the head serifs (on n, y & d) downward a bit? maybe along the same angle as the "serif" on the y's descender. The G also looks like it could benefit from some modulation. i keep hopin you'll get some criticism from someone with more expertise than me! maybe they'll start bitin tonite...

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can the baseline be a bit thinner and/or perhaps varied a bit? Also, it could just be an optical illusion, but the o's don't seem as italicized as the rest.

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I see a great opportunity to implement some metaphors and symbology here.As is, all I see is a type, that is could for a hard rock band or a drag racing team. Does not say anything to me about what TMG is or does.
Since the name has obvious religious connotations, how about the "T" shaped being like a cross. maybe astaggered formation of 3 lines with type/elements interacting. Or perhaps sacred geometry. If this is not your flavor going grunge may be a way to go. Although grunge is dead there may be a use for it once in a while. If this band is punk or very hard rock consider attached image as a starting point.
btw. formating the size for inten ded usage should be an important consideration. A logo like you had could look great on a wide banner but would lack visibility on standard sized printed materials (4x6, postcard, 2x3.5 business card, posters,etc.

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Thank you everyone for the great suggestions. Ole S

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Brandee, this is a lot of fun. Kinda retro Fender Have you looked at other type similar to this? Or lettering? Leslie Cabarga's Magneto could be good reference. Your shapes are really coming together, I'm not suggesting you mimic, but notice how he varies the connnections. It also seems like some of your angles are off. Maybe you need to choose one angle and have all letters follow that?

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