Smiling Type'faces' !!

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Well guys, as i am going to post a personal blog link here so this might sound like a little shameless self promotion but i couldn't resist myself to share this with you.

We all know smilies ..right ? :)
Somehow they are also a great expression of typography, but we have only seen them in web-based fonts like verdana, georgia etc...

So i just did a small experiment to see how other typefaces smile.
Here is a link to my related blog-post... please have a look.

You might like it.

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This is great, I really like it! Good idea.

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i like snap itc's vampire smile

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I am glad that u liked it.
I wonder that there can be small animation using this.

NITIN GARG | web and usability design | India

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Hi Nitin,
that’s nice! Thanks for sharing.

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Just what i looked for. Thanks for sharing.

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Very clever! Thanks.


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Thanks all of you for such positive response.


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I really like that idea. It would make a really great poster too... I'd buy it!

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Superb idea! :-)


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