Wedding Mongram

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I am working on a monogram for a wedding.
Norman and Helene are the names of the couple to be wedded.
Her initial feedback is that it is a little too abstract and the "h" looks like a lama.
Can I get some feedbacks?

thanks for your time!

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Hi Tony,

Did you try playing with the uppercase of these two letters, it could be more successful. The uppercase N and H have a similar form and could be played with without the llama effect happening.

Another option is to keep the serif on the lowercase n and remove it from the ascender on the h part.

Good luck!

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the cut in the stem feels too high. doesn't read as an "n" as much as an "h". perhaps the notch could be more elegant than a solid boxed shape?


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If this looks like a lama...

You have a good concept here, it is creative and does exactly what it needs to, I'm sure the main issue with the client is that she is expecting a mono using a script wedding face, which will not work with this concept. I think you could try a few different faces as well as Will's idea to finesse out the cut creating a more styled 'n' and 'h'. I do think you need a face that has a visual tie in the 'h' character so when you do make the split the pieces still look part of the same realm.

Of course, as a married person, this concept could be crushed the minute someone say it represents a break up not a union.


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Thanks everyone for your feedbacks.
I totally appreciate your time.
I tried a few other variations.

I am leaning towards version A.


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titz is right on in my opinion. the letters should be making sweet type love and not be disconnected a bit. the implications of such a break up could be disastrous. Good idea w/ the uppercase letters (Diane) but I like the hairline serifs for the font. This is just to spark some ideas...

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thanks again everyone for your feedbacks.


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loving nachos' idea. i suggest definitely playing with the joining aspect more than the disconnected aspect

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The original mark is very fitting if either of them is a physicist :-)

Planck's constant

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I like Nacho's idea too. It ain't gonna get better than that IMO.

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your idea was a good starting point for me to veer another direction.
So here is your idea refined. It works beautifully in 2 colors but does not work in BW so well.

I am revisiting my original idea in an italic version.
It still looks a bit bland. I am going to try to enclose it in an ornate shape.

i'll just keep playing with it. Thanks again everyone.


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