Fractions corrupt when using Lucida Sans Unicode font in Safari

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Tested with 3 fonts: Lucida Sans, Lucida Grande and Lucida Sans Unicode.

Lucida Sans: No problems with ¼½¾.
Lucida Grande: No problems with ¼½¾.
Lucida Sans Unicode: Problems with ¼½¾, contours should be overlapped into "Corrupted Fractions".

Look at the image to see corruptions with ¼½¾.

MS DOS Latin 1 has this ¾ fraction.

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Does the bug repro in other apps? Firefox?

Cheers, Si

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Have you tried trashing your font cache?
I tried to reproduce the bug in Safari (3.2.1).
First, I got fine fractions with all Lucidas. However, the line set in Lucida Sans Unicode (5.00) swallowed the brackets and the ‘N’ in ‘No’ … scary! No problems in Firefox.

After emptying the system font cache (you can do that with FEX), Safari has no problems either:

The dingbats are just there to check whether the correct fonts are loaded.

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I had that issue once and when I used FontNuke it cleaned the problem right up.

Another app I used that I highly recommend is Onyx. There's a version tailored for each version of OS X.

What you have is a corrupt font cache, it happens sometimes and a clean-out and restart is all it takes to fix.

Good luck and happy hunting!

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