Importing metrics across a family

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I am working on a type family and having trouble importing metrics from one weight into another. I currently have a regular weight with horrible spacing and a properly spaced bold weight. What I want to do is apply the sidebearings of the bold weight to the regular weight, narrow them all a little, and then manually tweak everything. When I import the metrics of the bold weight, the sidebearings end up where they would be in the bold weight, so I’m stretching my advance width way out to the right.

I can work around this by just copy/pasting the sidebearings. Is that the best way to do this, or is there a way to import the metrics relative to the outlines as opposed to just setting the sidebearings to their actual locations in the bold weight?

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Select all the glyphs in the bold weight and do a copy, go to the light weight and do Edit > Paste Special > Left / Right Sidebearings.


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