Anyway to install fonts on a large number of computers from one location?

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I've got a client who's trying to install some fonts on a couple of hundred computers (Yes :-) he purchased an MUL!), and is asking me if there's anyway to roll them out to all systems at once, from one location. An automated SCCM package? Other suggestions? Thanks!

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I think there is a server version of Extensis Suitcase (at least there used to be for Font Reserve when that was the thing). I haven't looked it up in quite some time.

Not sure if that's exactly what you had in mind, but it's a start.

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The client’s IT staff should be able to package them like software and push them to the computers using whatever system is already in place for managing remote installs. The fonts just need to be copied into the appropriate folder. If there’s no need to actually track the numbers of people using the fonts no special software should be needed.

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Hey Guys,

Thank you both for your input. This was pretty much what I've found browsing the internet as well. I was hoping their might be an "easy solution" but alas... not yet! Thanks again!

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