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Above is my personal logo I've been working on for a couple of weeks that displays my initials, 'cav'. It's for personal freelance purposes, not for a business; I've done work from entertainment design to web to print design, so I don't really have a specialty.

If anyone can give me some guidance I would appreciate it.

~ corey

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I try to read all letters before I read your post. C and V are easy, but the one in the Them I read the post and see that its an "a", but...
Try to do a diferent lower case "a"...


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Pretty slick.
I agree with António though, the a isn't reading as such. Have you tried a capital A, or maybe a two story a?


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I have not, but those are two very good suggestions.

It's interesting, though, when viewed by my other designer friends, they can spot the 'a' and the 'v', but not the 'c'. Others can spot all three letters, and some others can't spot anything.

I suppose the convention of guessing what a logo is is sort of self-defeating, so I'm going back to the choppin' block.

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Your friends might be able to recognize it because they know what it is supposed to say, so it's always good to get a fresh eye to look at it.

Please post your next revision, I'd like to see it.

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> they can spot the ’a’ and the ’v’, but not the ’c’

For what it's worth that was the case with me too. Primarily because of an elongated top part of the 'c'.

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i instantly read cav without reading your post first, and i love the logo, fwiw

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"Please post your next revision, I’d like to see it."

Will do.

"For what it’s worth that was the case with me too. Primarily because of an elongated top part of the ’c’."

The majority of eyes have said that too, and that it's reminisce of the infinity symbol, which may or may not work.

I'll see if I can alter the top of the 'c' and brainstorm some options for another 'a'.

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I think the lowercase 'a' becomes more readable when you scale back the 'c'

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i never read it as a lowercase a before. when i originally saw it i immediately read CAV with no confusion

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Thanks for the advice everyone, I'll get back to work and post a revision in a week or so.

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guess it really depends what sort of a style/look you're after.

You're going to need to decide whether it needs to be legible or not. A double storey a could help too.

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