The Branding of Polaroid 1957-1977

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OK, it's a shameless plug for a blog-in-progress but it might be enlightening to know what went on in the Golden Age of instant photography before bean counters and corporate stiffs fouled the nest. Comment and ask questions and we'll keep it going as long as there might be interest in "the olden days." Here's the link --

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Wonderful stuff. Bravo.

As a long time fanatic of Polaroid technology and someone who enjoyed Peter Wensberg's book Land's Polaroid and then dearly ached for ever more information about the company, your blog is a great find.

Thank you.

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Oh yeah! Thanks for taking the time. It's really enlightening to see the stuff that was being done in the 50s, and what a dramatic graphic presentation you designed and executed.


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Thank you, Grant and John. I hope it will live up to your expectations. I recruited Pete Wensberg for Polaroid, which he mentions in "Land's Polaroid," and I will describe the players pretty soon as I add posts.

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