FF Dax

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Good Evening fellow people.

I'm a student and need a little assistance.
In current brief I have been set out to find examples of where this typeface has been used.

I have found the common Morrisons offers and Ups logo, and also the recent Don't Blink campain in this months Focus mag. But I was wondering if anyone knew of a higher level of design it has been put into. If it be the main face or a subordinate face.

Many Thanks in advance, and I look forward to your replies.


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This Flickr set could help you. See also FF Daxline in use.
[Btw., here’s an older article about FF Dax in German]

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See what the Whatthefont-forum discovered.

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You'll find more examples here: http://www.google.com/search?q=site:typophile.com%20dax

Also the UPS font is a pretty blatant "homage" to Dax.

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The German sports publishing house Philippka-Sportverlag uses FF Dax as the main face for several magazines it publishes, most notably "fullballtraining", the official magazine for coaches by the German Football Federation:


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Thanks alot guys, you've helped loads :D

Cheers again,

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