any comic book letterers out there?

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I'm working on a type rendering system that may be of use to people who make comic books. The system lets you personalize text for a variety of characters, and allows you to display subtle variations in individual words or letters that reflect characters' moods or speech patterns.

The system was designed for a random flash-based project of mine, but realizing that it might work in comic books too, I've decided to explore the possibility of making a standalone app designed for comic book lettering.

However, I don't know much about comic books, and I was hoping to talk to somebody in the industry about the workflow involved there, the needs of the medium, and see if this system might be of interest to people in the industry.

I have a brief blurb about the system (including a very rough sample) at if anybody's curious.

If anybody out there works in this industry, I'd love to pick your brain for a while, if you're up for it.


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it wouldnt hurt to read this if you havent already:

also the authors site has some nice info:

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Ooo, that was a great site! I, uh, actually went ahead and fired off a letter to its author. This project was in large part inspired by the work he did for Sandman, after all...

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You may be interested in :

Comic Life, a comic book layout application

Manga Studio EX, an application for drawing comics

Blambot, a leading supplier of comic book lettering fonts.

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