Futura Logo help

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Wasn't sure which forum this went in - it's for a poster, not not really a logo...

I'm having problems with the kerning - the thin black lines running between most letters keeps catching my eye. Any suggestions?

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Seems to me that there's not a good way around it, apart from adjusting the kerning obviously.

What does it look like with the real text? I think because it says Futura, I'm subconsciously paying more attention to the font.

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Heres the thing.
Whether your writing in futura or helvetica or univers, their just texts that shouldn't be messed around with. their built to perfection.
So I say just leave it, well, just work on the kerning alittle more.

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look at the type in situ ... on a poster ... not on a screen from less than a metre away.

Paul Ducco
Graphic Design Melbourne
Short Film Festival

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I would say it's the contrast of the black and white that's also is part of the problem... make background colour grey or another softer tint.
The 'tight' spaces will always create a visual problem, when the contrast is so high. I'd say the problem is a bit like this illustration... the eye will find it...

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