Registration on printing?

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I'm printing Duplex [double sided] from Indesign and the registration is about 1 cm off.

Does indesign have any tools to help with this?

Any tips.

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Choose the exact paper size you are printing on.
Also in the Print Dialog - Setup: choose cCntered for the Page Position.

That should do the trick.

. . .
Bert Vanderveen BNO

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What Bert said.

But if you’re using a laser printer, you might not be able to get better registration. Even with Xante printers I’ve run into such bad centering that I had to stick printed sheets back to back using a light box.

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I assume your finished size is smaller than your
paper size?
well if you can't shift the page on the printer
than you could export a pdf with crops in
indesign and replace it on a new document
(document size same as paper size)
Place the first page in the center of the page
and the second 10mm up, down, right, left.

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Just to clarify I'm printing on a new HP laser machine, duplex from InDesign Booklet. There's about a 1 cm between the center lines on each side.

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Sometimes, exporting to PDF and printing from acrobat gives a better result.
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