Old Standard v. 2.0.2, Theano v. 1.0.1

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Hi everyone,

I would like to announce here a new major release of my Old Standard font family. The current version is 2.0.2, it has many improvements and new features in comparison with 1.0. In particular a bold version is now available in addition to regular and italic. I have also greatly extended the range of supported Cyrillic characters and implemented all Early Cyrillic letters and signs currently available in Unicode, including those recently added in Unicode 5.1.

At the same time I have posted three completely new fonts, which form together a single package, called Theano:

Theano Didot
A classicist face, with both its Roman and Greek parts implemented in Didot style. Unlike Old Standard, this font is designed from French sources.
Theano Modern
A font with Greek letters designed in the Porsonic style. Unlike most modern implementation, it is based on Figgins Pica No. 3 / Small Pica No. 2 -- probably the most successful and once the most popular Greek face of a Porsonic origin -- rather than on later
Monotype's design. The accompanying Latin font is implemented in the Modern style and modelled after English Modern faces of later 19th century, often used alonglide with Porsonic Greek types.
Theano Old Style
A modernized "Old Style" Greek font with a large number of historic ligatures and alternate forms, modelled after some early 19th century types designed by Figgins' type foundry. It is accompanied by a Latin face based on some "Old Style" Roman fonts of the late 19th and early 20th century.

These fonts were first intended as Greek only, but finally I found it interesting to supplement them with stylistically compatible Latin letters. For this reason Theano fonts currently have just one
style/weight per family and contain only Latin and Greek characters (no Cyrillic).

All fonts are available for free (under the terms of SIL Open Font License). See http://www.thessalonica.org.ru/en/fonts.html for more information and download links.

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