InDesign: Optical Margin Alignment

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Hello everyone.

Anyone knows if it's possible to define the Optical Margin Alignment (aka Hanging Punctuation) in paragraph styles?

Pedro Peixoto

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There's no good reason to use Hanging Punctuation in InDesign. You can customize it and style it in Quark 8 and -- believe it or not -- Ventura.

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I don't think so - you can set it per story (Type > Story) but that's about it I believe. I could be wrong though, and it may have been implemented in recent versions (I still have CS2 running).


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Ok. That's a great help right there. I'm on my way to buy a new software!

Oh wait. Maybe I'll just wait for some helpful replies.

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Sure, go to Window > Type & Tables > Story.

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Thanks for your reply Andi. I'll check if they implemented it during CS3 or CS4 process.

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Optical margin alignment cannot be set in paragraph styles (even though it is applied at the paragraph level!). This is a symptom of Adobe’s broken development methodology: add new features, advertise them, and then forget about them. It’s a real shame that the Indesign team has allowed this feature to wither as the only option int a menu item that isn’t even relevant in the Latin version of Indesign, because with a little polish it would be so useful! I recommend that you file a feature request to move optimal margin alignment to the paragraph settings, along with the addition of control over what does and doesn’t hang.

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