Hyperion - Benedictine revival

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One of the exercise during my type[media MA we are working on the revivals of old typefaces.
I choose book with "funny" typeface, where the letters have "very strange countrespaces".
Now, thanks to typohile forum ( http://typophile.com/node/50478 ), I know it´s Benedictine, typeface designed by Joseph E. Hill, under direction of Edward E. Barlett for Mergenthaler Linotype.

I am showing here my work in progress...


Hyperion_001.pdf22.62 KB
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Looks very nice. If you are going to use any alternates you might want to think about using the rounded quality of the l.c. h in the m,n, and u.

Might liven things up a bit : ) Just a thought.


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Interesting suggestion. Thanks

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