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Hi friends,

Some years ago I found a photoshop action that could take a font or logo, and transform it into a series of dots, a bit like the Killers logo (pictured here).

I have just spent several hours trawling the net for this action.
Can anyone here perhaps help me with the name of this action, or point me in the direction where I might find it.

Thanks so much in advance.

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Unless you need to do this a lot why not just build the dotted letters yourself in Illustrator, tracing over your text with dots on a small grid, or use fontstruct.

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In Grayscale mode select type then use Pixelate-Color Halftone Filter - set all to right angles, 90, 180 etc. Set pixels to size of dots, try 25 in 300 dpi file and run filter, redo till get size right.

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i'd just use fontstruct, ti's easy to use and fun as well!

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To get the precision of the Killers logo you'd need to do it by hand (FontStruct is a good option). Halftone filters are much more irregular, not suited for type.

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as a side note: the E and S in the logo seem heavy to me...

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Not an action, but i can suggest an alternative technique to achieve this visual effect. You can create a simple repetitive patten of dots and then do Pattern Overlay in photoshop layer effects.

That might create some jagged outlines with some typefaces, but most of the time you can apply it quite easily and frequently.

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if you do the pattern overlay, wont you get half dots?

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Ya Simon, you are absolutely right. It does create half dots sometimes on the edges.

But that can be solved with a little tweaks/manual add-ons, and the result will be surely faster than drawing each and every dot manually.

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i don't think so if you use fontstruct... once you are use to the interface it's quick fast, expecially for a job like this. plus you can make a whole alphabet which can use used in almost every program that uses text. quite handy...

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