Who is the hottest new fontdesigner? You?

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Hello there

I'm looking for a new font/fontdesigner to write an article about in a new magazine about design for the danish design community. The article will feature in dual language (danish-english)! The tricks is that the font might even be the main font for the whole magazine...

So I like to hear from you guys. Who is the next star on the big sky of fonts!



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There are so many hot new typedesigners out there. So it’s quite hard to say who’s hottest [maybe even impossible]. Some of my current favourites are for example Łukasz Dziedzic and Jan Maack [he’s from Danmark btw.], but to be honest, my list could be longer as well …

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A little self promotion Paul? :P

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Yeah, Paul is hot.
He would do well on Dancing with the Stars.

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mmm, maybe. but i have high esteem for all of my colleagues and some of you might prefer their styles and give them some work. :D

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nick, well i did get my bronze medals in a few dances: chacha, foxtrot, and some others i can't recall at the mo. but i generally preferred folk dance.

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Hey, Paul has the skills to brag... His work IS hot. Plus, if you are on the search for good new typeface design, looking at the work of University of Reading graduates is a good place to start. I am proud to be part of the group. But you needn't limit yourself to the names of the three classes up on that site; all of the past decades worth of students are worth a look.

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