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well, after three and a bit years of lurking around here I'm finally starting a blog (thanks tiff for the prompting!)

Over the last few months I have bought type from a few foundries, and I just wanted to quickly share my good experiences with them.

Firstly, Village & Christian Schwartz. I personally bought the original Stag family and was so happy with it convinced my work (The Salvation Army) to buy it. As I wanted to try using it for some short copy, little magazine articles etc, I needed a weight that was missing from the Stag family at that time, something in between Thin and Medium. Chester and Christian were very helpful, and after a few emails sent me some demo versions of Stag Light to test. This was fantastic as it was exactly what i needed.

Then a few months later when Stag V2 came out (with book and light and 'dot' versions) my work upgraded using the Village 'Taste Test'. I love the Stag family (including Stag Sans) and use it all the time.

Second, TypeTrust. I fell in love with Facebuster as soon as I saw it, and as I was in the early stages of a book design felt it would be perfect for headings. So i bought it on special for really cheap. When I read the EULA I got a little confused as TypeTrust have a system where if you use one of their fonts for larger runs, or bigger projects, you pay a little more than the 'base' price. As I try to do things right, and not rip people off, I email Silas and asked him about the EULA. He was very helpful and seeing that this project was for the Salvos let me use the font at no extra charge. Of course this was great, so as a little thank you I posted him a couple of copies of the book using Facebuster.

Third, FontShop. Work has agreed to get the FF Meta Sans/Serif pack from FontShop. This is great as I really love Meta (especially the serif). The only problem has been that as I work for the Salvos, money can sometimes me a problem and the work credit card has a small limit, which means it's constantly full and waiting until it can be cleared each month. Well, to make things worse, working for a large organisation, communication can be a issue, so we were unable to find out for sure when in the month the card gets cleared. So, me and the admin person have tried everyday over the last few days to put the order through, but as the card has not been cleared, we can't.

After the fourth day, I got a call from FontShop Australia asking if there was a problem and if they could help in any way. Of course, the problem is with our card, not their website, so we just have to wait, but they were very helpful. Then I got an email from Stephen Coles asking if he could help at all. I was really surprised and pleased that FontShop would actively try to help me with this order. I have never bought anything from them before, and this is not exactly a huge order. Hopefully we will buy the pack next week.

So I guess my point in all this is that, at least for me, when I've been upfront and asked foundries questions, or had problems, they have been very helpful and that even for the 'bigger' outfits, they are still human and approachable.

So, if you have questions: ask! If you have problems, talk to the foundry!

Thanks for listening

byebye - sye :)

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