What do you think of this? Any Advice?

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What do you think of this? Any Advice?

Hi everyone,

I am in the middle of creating a logo for a company and so far I have come up with this. I have created this font myself just for the logo, so what do you think? I am really struggling to resolve the “Clothing Co.” part. Can anyone suggest a font?. All comments are welcome.

Thanks Heaps!!!!

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I have created this font myself just for the logo

Looks more like you customized Kaufmann.

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It has been based on a font yes....but not that font. Cheers

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Does anyone else have some advice?

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It could also be read as Snaq.

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I'd say you ruined some of the curves from the original font. But other than that it seems simple and straight-forward enough. What kind of clothing?

But it is nice that you've connected the S and the n.

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very good point there...how could this be fixed

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Omg thats weird, it looks like the same font I used except it had a different name. I have posted a new pic of the "g" also so its not mistaken for a "q". Its male clothing. Thanks heaps for your help.

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"how could this be fixed"

Consult a lettering artist or someone who specializes in scripts to fix the hiccups.


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does anyone think that the text "Clothing Co" goes well with snag? Anyone have any ideas what font would look good with the "Snag"?

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Why are there no drop shadows in the counters?

Nick Cooke

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I agree with Miss Tiffany, you should leave those curves as they were. Also that "g" looks weird.

What kind of clothing is this for ?

There must be some way out of here...

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I too would drop the shadow,
lighten the strokes slightly to moderately,
in so doing, get more space between letters,
close up the top 'bowl' of the "a" so it is similar-to but not identical-to the "g",
or, if this does not make immediate sense, do as Michael said.


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