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roundingUFO is available !!!

RoundingUFO is a mac only application that converts the corners of the glyphs in your fonts according to user-defined parameters.

It automates the process yet lets you keep complete control as a designer. You determine the parameters: the black and the white corners. RoundingUFO doesn't mess around with your contours; the necessary points are added.

With RoundingUFO considerably speeds up the production process, without loss of quality. All UFO's generated with roundingUFO can be interpolated.

Additional features include: adding ink traps or simply cutting off the corners instead of adding rounding them.

go check it out

yours sincerely Frederik

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Thanks for sharing that!

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This is a very cool little app. You did a great job streamline the interface down to something that’s so effective yet so simple!

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Inktrap lenght -> Inktrap length

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This is an awesome idea, but I'm going to need a SFD<->UFO converter.

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Well done, Frederik!

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cuttlefish wrote:
This is an awesome idea, but I’m going to need a SFD<->UFO converter.

fontforge can save and open ufos.

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Well, so it can!
Those menu options in FF haven't been quite legible until the latest build, but there it is now!

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After playing around with it a bit, I really like what's going on. I'm afraid it might be a little oversimplified, but it does what it says it will do, and where I've found unexpected results it seems the fault lies in my design.

If I could suggest improvements:

Sliders are nice and simple, but it would be useful to be able to input numerical values too. Plus, it would be interesting (though probably not terribly useful) to see what happens when negative values are entered.

Except for the slider for the "Ignore Short Segment" feature. Unless I'm mistaken it seems to do nothing but turn the feature on and off, and the slider is not marked for which end is which, so it's hard to tell if it's on unless there is an affected corner in the design. That would be better served with a check box, unless the slider is doing something I'm not seeing.

I would like to be able to apply different settings to specific corners, rather than the same ones to the whole font or glyph. Global settings have their place to make the effect consistent and quick, but massaging glyph by glyph, corner by corner is necessary after that.

There could be more ink trap shapes. As it is they come to a box end, but they could come to a point, a wedge, a rounded end, or a bulb, or possibly other options I haven't thought of.

But even as it stands, this is a great and useful accessory that I and I'm sure many others have been waiting for for a long time, and I am grateful it's being offered for free.

Thank you Frederik!

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and I am grateful it’s being offered for free.

A single user license for this program costs € 100.

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A single user license for this program costs € 100.

It would be a bargain at twice the price (well, maybe if the features I suggested were added. Seems pretty incomplete now), but shouldn't that info be up in front for people like me with poor reading comprehension? Only on the "order" page of the site is the price or that the save feature is disabled mentioned.

On the front page is a big shiny "download" button, while the order and license links are discretely off to the side, with no mention that the download is a crippled demo, nor of the price for the full version.

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I'm not saying that this or any other software is obligated to be "free" in either sense of the word. That's a decision for its author and to be respected. But feature-disabled demonstrations must be clearly marked as such.

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"I would like to be able to apply different settings to specific corners, ......"
That's not really possible, but you set different parameters for each glyph just by double clicking a glyph. Then you are able to store local parameters for that glyph instead of using the local ones. see the documentation :)

"Except for the slider for the “Ignore Short Segment” feature......"
This is "deleting" short segments which are shorter then the slider value. It only apply on really small segments otherwise your contour would be distorted too much.

on the downloadpage the second line links to the order

"....But feature-disabled demonstrations must be clearly marked as such."
You are right, I'm adding this now

enjoy Frederik

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