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Hi there,

I'm creating a series of posters incorporating examples of famous or well designed typeface samples/promotion/teasers (not sure what the correct term is). For example,


Avant Garde (I realise this wasn't designed to purely show off the typeface, but it still fits my idea):

Black Slabbath:

It's for a student project - promoting a typography exhibition. There will be classic type exhibits as well as events launching new faces etc. The samples will be used in a similar theme to this (still work in progress):

Any other examples of good design specifically to show off a typeface (particularly for serifs) would be very helpful.

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just about any good type specimen you download nowadays has some really well designed pages showing the type off.

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Yeah, cheers for that!

Its mainly iconic, almost logo-like examples I'm looking for though, rather than standard specimens showing the full set of glyphs etc, if you know what I mean.

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so you're looking for famous examples of certain typefaces in use?

the famous I heart NY logo is ITC American Typewriter if i'm not mistaken.
i will let you know if i think of more examples.

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Well sort of, more like examples of the typeface being shown off to promote or display it. A piece of design created to advertise a particular font, or a logo for 'Bodoni' or 'Times' set in that particular face. Another example I thought of was Wim Crouwel's New Alphabet:

Or this kind of thing for Futura:

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