Something I've been dabbling with

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The idea is to use various states of unwrapping as a changing symbol next to the type.

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Custom type, and the box (which will have colour, I'm just working bw so far.)
I'm a bit worried 'bout the relationship between the box/cross and the type when unwrapped.

My client is a pentecostal church, young adults/youth.

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sure ... sounds interesting.

Paul Ducco
Graphic Design Melbourne
Bicycle Film Festival

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nice letters on I-N-T-R-O, especially the lovely tail on the R

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Very nice. I can see this working as an animation as well. For the box, I would try using 3 (or more) different colours.

- Lex

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Thanks. Animation is part of the concept, as well as physical objects. I'm having some weight problems with the letters. They seem somewhat uneven in my eyes, and that T needs to be balanced better.

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I'd love some comments on the type! :)

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I just realized how close the words Intro and Nitro are. then when I realized which one of those two was actually written here, my heart was filled with sadness.

I like the boxes though. the formerly Nitro boxes, which are now just plain old boring introboxes.


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Haha. I'm sorry to disappoint you!

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you'd better be frank, I cried for hours over that realization. hehehe

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