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Does anyone know of any corporate style/branding guides for large companies that are available online?

I've googled and haven't been able to find anything for well-known (or even reasonably well-known) companies. I'd love to find some for large Fortune 500 level companies, as well as some European ones, but most of what I've found are for universities or companies I've never heard of (I need examples for a project at work, and it would be more effective with well-known companies).



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Brands of the world has a collection of logos, but a corporate identity guide is much more than that. It specifies proper usage of the logo and other trademarks, including color, positioning, accompanying fonts if relevant, with illustrations of such, and also illustrations of erroneous uses that should be avoided.

This may include how the corporate identity is applied to signs, vehicle markings, packaging, stationery (including letterhead, envelopes, business cards, etc.), print, broadcast, and other media advertising, and other collateral.

Such a document can range from a small pamphlet to a collection of ponderous bound tomes depending on its scope.

As far as where to find a PDF of one, you'll probably have to ask the companies directly. Someone in the marketing department likely has access to this information to provide to advertising bureaus and the like, but they may regard the information as proprietary.

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There are actually a fair amount of them available online (I've found some decent ones (Diebold, BBC)), but the vast majority are for Universities and companies I know nothing about. I'd love to find some from larger european companies, but they may be proprietary or just too hard to find.

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try googling for a university style guide:

"logo usage" "pantone" "university"


"visual identity"


"visual identity guidelines"

and a bunch will come up.

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I found these in my bookmarks:

Some decent sized companies in those collections - i.e AT&T, Best Western etc.
If you need more search for "Brand Standards"

Good luck.

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Well, what do you know, so it does!
A search for "corporate identity manual" turned up a lot for me including one for FedEx.

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This is exactly what I was looking for. Thanks!

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