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I am working on a text panel for a museum exhibition for a show about modern art from Kyoto. I would love feedback, ideas, criticism - don't be shy. This is a new job for me, very type heavy and any support I can get would help me a lot.

Some questions:
Do you like the "nesting" of the type?
Does the orange line do anything for you?
What do you think about splitting up "modern art from" and "boston's sister city"?
and anything else you can think of...

Some issues to consider: it has to be vector and simple, it's a modern art exhibition of ceramics, prints, and textiles.


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Hi Lee,
Are you still working on the logo? It's been a while since you've posted this...

The first thing that jumps to mind is "Why Univers?". Univers is sooo commonplace and without character, great for small print, but certainly not my first choice for a logo.
I like the nesting, though if it were me, I would try some variation in sizes, and maybe put them more toghether even.
The placing of the orange line is strange. Why not at the top of the x of "Kyoto"? I even wonder if you need it at all; I always think that when a line is needed in a typographical logo, it isn't designed well enough. For me personally: loose the line.

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