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Hi , i did this logo for a trading compay what do you think ?

How do i make the image visible right here?

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The mark looks like a simpler form of striped AT&T sphere.

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Yes its true, but i didnt really look at it when i was doig it, so i dont feel like copyng it, they wanted a globe type of thing in it, i'll do some mor tests to see if iget something different,

but, do u like ut ?

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Check this out:

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ha ha, is funny
I'm doing some animated stuff of that logo, i'll post it soon ;D

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presuming this isn't a joke

I'd say ... you need to make the globe more unique. whetehr you referenced AT&T or Domo ... they're almost identical.

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Globe itself has been well overused especially in logistics business. I think if you want a globe in your logo, you have a very tough job to do to make it stand out from the rest and already designed (memorable or not).

simply enter "global logo" into Google Image search and you'll see all those results. Many many companies use globe in some shape or form. You'll probably get something similar with other search terms as well.

I don't want to say "Forget about the globe stylisation" I'm just saying you're in a tough place to make it work and to not look like a rip-off of some other logo. Take BT for instance. Very innovative and distinct but still "globe". One of the best to my idea of a great logo.
Robert Koritnik

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