Distance between accents above the letter

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Hi everyone!

In my development of amarantino I came with one doubt that I want to ask:
Do you know any good text/article about the distance between accents above the letter?
My point is this: I have differents accents in my typeface for languages that I don't know and would love to have some knowledge on that and some feedback from native speakers...
Here are some examples:

António Fonseca

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Victor Gaultney 'Problems of diacritic design for Latin script text faces'

Adam Twardoc & Victor Gaultney 'That annoying noise around letters'


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Use text from the UN Declaration of Human Rights to get a feel for the way accents behave in different languages, testing alternative design strategies. In your face, vary the separation between letter and accent, and also try compressing the height of the taller capital accents.

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Thank you Claus and Nick for the comments and articles.


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